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This is an intermittent blog describing public transport museums in Europe (so railways, trams, buses, but not ones mainly covering private cars) from the point of view of an enthusiast. I'm creating this because there is relatively little English-language material online on these places. This is purely a hobby by one person, so it's dependent on my holiday destinations.

For each place I discuss, I'll cover the following things:

Basics: Location, address, web site, opening times, admission fee.

Visit date (month and year):

Access by public transport: I always think it's a pity if a public transport museum or preservation site requires a car to visit conveniently. This section will give details of public transport access from the nearest large town, or most convenient railway station for isolated sites.

Collection: What is on display.

Presentation: How much explanation is there, what is there to do?
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Address: Augustusstraße 1, 01067 Dresden, Germany
Web: http://www.verkehrsmuseum-dresden.de
Opening Times: Tue-Sun 1000-1800
Admission: Adults 9 euro, concessions 4 euro

Visit date: September 2016

Access by public transport:
The museum is in the pedestrianised Baroque area of Dresden and is within a short walk of many local tram routes.

The museum has a small but interesting rail collection consisting of:
Motor and driving wheels of E50 class electric loco E50 42
Replica of Leipzig and Dresden Rly 0-4-2 "Saxonia"
Baldwin 0-4-4-0T 600mm gauge articulated locomotive using the Pechot-Bourdon articulation system, claimed to be one of only two surviving articulated locomotives using this system in the world.
Saechsische Staatsbahn IV-K 0-4-4-0T 750mm gauge Mallet articulated loco, restored as Deutsche Reichsbahn 99 535, one of a famous class used on the narrow gauge lines of Saxony.
"Princess Mathilde's Saloon" carriage from 1885 Saxony Royal Train
Bockwaer Coal Rly 2-4-0T "Muhlenthal". Dating from 1861, claimed to be the oldest surviving steam locomotive constructed entirely in Germany.
Deutsche Reichsbahn E71 class electric loco E71 30
Experimental 1899 Siemens four-wheel steeple-cab electric loco

Additionally, the museum has a large collection of cars and two-wheeled vehicles from Eastern Germany from the nineteenth century until the end of the DDR era, and water and air transport collections based more around small exhibits.

The museum exhibits are rather crammed into the Johanneum, a sixteenth-century stables and mews constructed in elaborate Renaissance style to fit with the rest of the Schloss complex. This means that some of the exhibits are difficult to examine or get a full view of. Labelling is mainly in German and English. Nevertheless, an interesting and rewarding visit.
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Address: Am Bavariapark 5, 80339 Munich, Germany
Web: http://www.deutsches-museum.de/en/verkehrszentrum/information/
Opening times: Daily except public holidays 0900-1700
Admission: Adults six euros, children 3 euros

Visit date: June 2016

Access by public transport: U-Bahn U4/5 to Schwanthalerhöhe, bus 134 to Theresienhöhe.

Collection: This is the land transport collection of Munich's gigantic Deutsches Museum of science and technology, covering all forms of land transportation, both private and public. The public transportation collection includes 4 steam locomotives, 3 electric locomotives, 1 steam railcar, 4 EMU cars, 3 passenger carriages, 2 freight wagons, 4 tramcars, 2 buses, and 1 trolleybus. Highlights include an original steam railcar from the Pilatus rack railway, the steepest non-cable railway in the world; the Grand-Ducal Oldenburg State Railway 0-4-0 no. 11 "Landwührden", the first locomotive manufactured by the Krauss company; the Royal Bavarian State Railway class 53/6 4-6-2 no. 3634; and a driving motor car from the prototype ICE high-speed train unit. As well as the public transport exhibits, there are many private cars also on display.

Presentation: The museum occupies the former trade fair halls of Munich, divided into three sections, covering "Traffic and City Transport", "Travel", and "Transport and Technology". All the exhibits are static and labelled in a mixture of German and English. The "Travel" section is historically arranged to cover the development over the years of long-distance land travel, both technologically and socially, while the other two halls are more thematically arranged. The museum is definitely recommended if you are in the region.
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Address: Prinses Elisabethplein 5, 1030 Schaarbeek
Web: http://www.trainworld.be
Opening times: Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00 (last admission 15:30)
Admission: 10 euros, concessions 7.50 euros

Visit date: March 2016

Access by public transport: The museum is based at Schaarbeek railway station, a major railway junction in the inner suburbs of Brussels, served by many local rail services and by city bus and tram routes.

Collection: The museum has a medium sized collection of steam and modern traction locomotives on static display, as well as a selection of assorted small exhibits. Highlights include the oldest surviving locomotive to run in Belgium, Pays de Waes, the Pacific 10.018 with its oddly short boiler, and the streamlined Atlantic 12.004. The collection is chosen for historical significance rather than maximum size. The oddest inclusion is a genuine railwayman's cottage, still on its original site and with the museum constructed around it. The interior is restored in post-war style.

Presentation: The museum is atmospherically but controversially designed by the celebrated Belgian comic creator François Schuiten, with distinctive lighting effects that have aroused the hostility of people whose main objective when visiting a railway museum is to take photos. Some technical detail is lacking in the labelling, but the museum gives a good idea of the general and social history of the railways. A box van used for the deportation of Belgium's Jews to the Holocaust houses affecting newsreel footage of the events. On another macabre note, a display on level crossings is accompanied by a "scare 'em straight" son et lumiere depiction of a car being hit by a train!
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Address: KVB-Museum, Gemarkenstraße 173, 51069 Köln
Web: http://www.hsk-koeln.de
Opening times: Second Sunday in month, Mar-Dec, 1100-1700
Admission price: 1.5 euro, children 1 euro

Visit date: March 2016

Access by public transport: The museum is adjacent to the railway-style tramway terminus at Thielenbruch, served by Koeln tram routes 3 and 18.

Collection: Thirteen motor tram cars, three trailers, three freight vehicles, two works motor cars, one replica horse tram car. The Koeln heritage tram stock appears to have been particularly badly damaged during World War Two, with only one motor-motor-trailer set from one of the suburban companies surviving from before 1939. The earliest era of tramways in Koeln is represented by an ex-Bonn car of similar vintage and design, with a false Koeln identity.

Presentation: All labelling and historical discussion is in German-only, but interesting if you can read some of the language. Not one to make a special trip to, but worth visiting if you are in the area.
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Address: Historische Straßenbahnhof Leipzig-Möckern, Georg-Schumann-Straße 244, 04159 Leipzig
Web: http://www.strassenbahnmuseum.de/
Opening times: Third Sunday of month, May-Sep, 1000-1700
Admission price: €2 adult, €1 reduced (child under 14, registered disabled, Leipzig Card holder). Tram journeys additional.

Visit date: September 2015

Access by public transport: Local tram routes 10 and 11, bus 80. On open days historic trams also operate hourly from central Leipzig as route 29E.

Collection: Despite the limited opening hours this is a fairly large and well-kept collection with 19 electric motor tramcars (some to be restored), 14 trailer cars (some to be restored), one horse tramcar, a trolleybus (under restoration), and several service and road vehicles. Particularly notable or interesting vehicles include a motorised mobile shop tramcar, now used as the museum shop, "Villa Helga", a trailer preserved in its state as recovered, when it was being used as a bungalow, Grosse Leipziger Strassenbahn 308 of 1896, claimed to be the second oldest tramcar in Europe in operable condition and a survivor of the first class in mainland Europe to be fitted with air brakes, and Leipziger Aussenbahn 20, a suburban tramcar with elaborate Jugendstil decoration, upholstered seats, and a heating stove complete with chimney protruding through the roof.

Presentation: On open days various cars are used intermittently for route 29E and tours, with the others static in the depot. They are quite close together, but easy to examine and board. Most vehicles are labelled, but in German only. There are other technical and historical displays. Overall, strongly recommended if you are in Leipzig when it is open.
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Address: Auto & Technik MUSEUM SINSHEIM e.V., Museumsplatz, D-74889 Sinsheim
Web: http://sinsheim.technik-museum.de/
Opening times: Mon-Fri 0900-1800, Sat, Sun and holidays 0900-1900
Admission price: €14 adult, €12 child 6-14, child 5 or younger free.

Visit date: March 2015

Access by public transport: Sinsheim Museum/Arena station is adjacent to the museum compound, served by hourly trains on route S5 Heidelberg-Eppingen and irregular S42 Heilbronn-Sinsheim Hbf. The time from Heidelberg is 38 minutes. There are irregular bus services on route 765 Sinsheim Hbf-Steinsfurt.

Collection: This is primarily a car and vehicle museum, but has a static rail collection including six steam locomotives, three electric locomotives, and two buses. The main highlight is a semi-streamlined Großherzoglich Badische Staatseisenbahnen class 18 Pacific. It is also possible to compare the Swiss and Austrian versions of the "Crocodile" electric locomotive.

Presentation: The museum has a huge collection of road vehicles, aircraft and military vehicles, covering two large exhibition halls and open-air displays. Most rail exhibits are in a side section of one of the exhibition halls, with a Class 52 2-10-0 in military camouflage in the other exhibition hall, in the indoor military vehicle and militaria section. The main group of rail exhibits are somewhat crowded together, and only visible from one side. Labelling is mainly bilingual, although some of the English labels are very abbreviated. Overall this is probably not worth visiting for rail purists, but definitely if you are interested in other forms of transport.
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Address: Sillerstraße 123, A-2231 Strasshof an der Nordbahn
Web: http://www.eisenbahnmuseum-heizhaus.com
Opening times: April to October. Thursday to Sunday plus public holidays 1000-1600. Sundays are full open days with diesel or steam (alternate weeks) locomotives in operation for footplate rides, guided tours, miniature railway and refreshment facilities.
Admission price: €7 adult, €3,50 child. Diesel operating days €8, €4. Steam operating days €9.50, €4.50

Visit date: September 2014

Access by public transport: Vienna S-Bahn line S1 to Silberwald station (NOT Strasshof). 40 minutes by train from Hauptbahnhof, then 10 minute, well-signposted walk.

Collection: A large selection of steam, diesel and electric locos and rolling stock, much unrestored. Includes some unusual older steam locomotives from the early days of Austrian rail. The museum hosts part of the Austrian national railway collection, previously displayed at the Technical Museum in Vienna until it was reconstructed with less railway exhibition space. A prize exhibit is the express passenger 2-6-4 number 310.23, dating to 1911.

Presentation: Restored locomotives and freight vehicles are displayed in the former main shed building, with German labelling. Passenger rolling stock and unrestored locomotives are currently in the open air, unlabelled. No guide book is available but basic information on all vehicles is available on the website.

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Address: Ludwig-Koeßler-Platz, 1030 Vienna
Web: www.wienerlinien.at/eportal2/ep/channelView.do/pageTypeId/66526/channelId/-46636
Opening times: Wednesday 0900-1800; Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 1000-1800
Admission: €6 adult, €5 reduced, €4 under 19, €3 under 19 reduced, free under 15

Visit date: September 2014

Access by public transport: U-Bahn U3 from city centre or tram line 18 from Hauptbahnhof to Schlacthausgasse, bus 77A or 80A from Prater area to Ludwig-Koeßler-Platz

Collection: On display on opening day:
1 horse tram
1 steam tram engine with trailer
4 motor buses
25 electric tramcars (motor and trailer)
6 Stadtbahn cars
4 tramway works vehicles
2 tramway freight vehicles
1 U-Bahn car

It is possible that some of the vehicles being used for heritage tram and bus service on the opening day will normally be on display in the museum as well as these.

Presentation: A former tramway depot with vehicles displayed on the original floor and slightly elevated stands or kiosks for informative displays and small exhibits. The main introductory paragraphs in the display stands and all vehicle labels are in both German and English, other display text in German only. Some of the display areas are slightly cramped, but otherwise this is a fascinating and informative city transport museum of world-class standard. At the time of the visit, no museum guide was available, although a 2009 hardback guide to the collection, "Sammlung Wiener-Tramwaymuseum", is available from online sellers.

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